JL Audio: JL 300/2v2 – 2 Channel Amplifier

JL Audio’s Slash v2 amplifiers aren’t just powerful, they’re smart. As your battery voltage fluctuates while you drive, the Regulated, Intelligent Power Supplyâ„¢ system maintains steady, consistent power at any impedance between 1.5 and 4 ohms and at any voltage between 11 and 14.4 volts. You’ll get all the power, all the time, even with […]


JL Audio: JL 300/4v2 – 4 Channel Amplifier

JL Audio 300/4 v2 The original Slash amplifiers set new performance standards for automotive amplification and became the best-selling premium mobile amplifiers in history. The new Slash 300/4v2 amplifiers build on this legendary technology platform, enhancing it in a variety of key areas, like radically improved thermal performance, a beautiful new stackable chassis design and […]