BAU15S 1156, 581, PY21W CANBUS ERROR FREE 18 LED SMD Indicator Bulb Yellow


Product Features:

  • You are purchasing one BAU15S indicator led in this sale.


Our bulbs have resistors already built into them and should be compatible with the majority of modern cars that have “can bus error failure” Some but not all cars will still throw this can bus error even though they have the can bus canceller built into the bulb. It is up to you the customer to check this with your car manufacturer or to see if our bulbs will be compatible with you car before purchase.

Our Led bulbs are extremely bright please see our pictures below & view the brief video of the product in operation @ night time..

All our led bulbs have been thoroughly tested during production.

Our led projects a very powerful light out the end of the bulb & out the sides in a 360 degree. Please check the diameter of the top & bottom circumference & length of our bulb will fit your vehicle light housing before purchase, please see our detailed photograph for easier dimensions.

 photo bau15s.gif

 photo EMILYSUBMITTEDPICTURES1_zps486143ee.jpg photo EMILYSUBMITTEDPICTURES2_zps4717660a.jpg

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