T10 T15 W5W 501 LED Car Bulbs Can-Bus Error Load Resistor Fix OBC Decoder


Product Features:



You are purchasing one led decoder in this sale.

T10 – T15 led decoder this led decoder is suitable with either fitting.  Please check the dimensions of our detailed pictures that this decoder will fit your cars light socket, light housing, led bulb, before purchasing. . You are purchasing one led decoder in this sale.

We only sell the best in led decoders as these are the same led decoders as used by the professionals, our led decoders are top quality not cheap well made construction manufactured to a very high standard, & are certified.

A2 photo WW1_zpsc5d02e72.jpg

 photo WW3_zps6f0552db.jpgA1 photo W1_zps26c0f326.jpg

Our led decoder will stop the OBC warning or error that is thrown by your cars canbus warning system when you have installed a led bulb.

As this led decoder can get extremely hot under normal use please see our picture below and mount this middle part to your cars metal surface and keep it away from your cars wiring loom.

T10 T15 W5W 147 152 516 158 159 161 168 175 184 192 193 194 194NA 1250 1252 259 280 2450 2652 2821 2825 2827 2886x 2921 3652 447 464 501 558 579 655 656 657 901 904 906 912 916 920 921 922 923 927


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