Micro Usb Cable Samsung Google, NexusOne, Nexus S, Nexus 2, Nexus S 4G


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This is our black USB data cable, USB2.0 Micro5-Pin cable.

Please look at our detailed photographs of our cable before purchase as this is taken of the cable you will be buying and these photos are not generic photographs copied from other web sites but taken of the actual cable iteslf here on our premises.

Ideal for a spare cable or second cable for your phone @ work, caravan, or to keep for the car multiple scenarios or simply to replace your lost cable or even to replace a cable that was chewed by yor cherished pet parrot, dog, or cat.

All our cables are tested working during production & tested one by one before dispatch. We have been using the same cables on our own Blackberries Nokias.

Please note this usb has the longer metal micro usb pin

 photo B1SAMSUNGS2_zps5b36d38f.jpg

 photo Q2SAMSUNGS2_zps3a2a1ef4.jpg photo A4_zps9b4dd8ae.jpg photo Q3SAMSUNGS2_zpse9ea56cf.jpg



Blackberry/HTC/Samsung/Motorola/Nokia/Sony Ericsson
Amazon: Kindle2, Kindle 3 / Wi-Fi / 3G + Wi-Fi

Google: NexusOne, Nexus S / Nexus 2, Nexus S 4G




1. New generic Universal Micro USB Cable

2.Use this Micro5-Pin USB Data Cable to transfer images and data between your device and PC byUSB port

3.Revolutionary2-in-1 cable for charging power and transferring data simultaneously

4.Length:Approximately 1 Meter

5.Color: Black


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