HD600/4 Class D Four-Channel Full-Range Amplifier

FEATURES: Description: Class D Four-Channel Full-Range Amplifier Patented Technology: Single Cycle Controlâ„¢ (U.S. Patent #6,084,450*) Differential-Balanced Input Topology: 2 pairs of inputs On-board Crossover: State-variable, 12 dB/octave Butterworth or 24 dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley, Low-Pass or High-Pass for each pair of channels Speaker output connections: Accept up to 12 AWG wire +12V and Ground connections: Accept up […]


Alpine SXE-1325S 13cm, 2 Way, 100w

Alpine SXE-1325S Detailed description A custom upgrade will have your system looking good and sounding better. Custom speakers are built to precise size specifications to fit in the speaker mountings of specific automobile models. They are an easily installable alternative to factory-installed speakers. What’s more, their performance characteristics are designed to match the interiors of […]


Mosfet Power Amplifier

The new T1 Audio generation of amplifiers are the result of intense R&D and include cutting edge features and impressive design. T1 amplifiers have been engineered to deliver big power but while retaining quality. Many budget amplifiers are produced to deliver power, but do so in a raw and often unregulated way. This smoother power […]


JL 10”W7 10inch 3ohm [JL 10W7]

10W7 Subwoofer – At first glance, you may only see a rather massive woofer, but as you begin to analyze the technology and the performance envelope of a W7, you will realize that they are much more than just another big SPL speaker. The final product is a completely original design from surround to back-plate, […]